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In PERMM (Perm Museum of Modern art), from 20,000 recycled plastic bottles, an installation was created that resembles a banyan tree, or as it is also called, a “walkig tree”, for its ability to produce aerial roots and occupy large areas. Banyan is the name given to the species of ficus bengalensis (Ficus bengalensis).
The design of the installation itself combines the properties of different plants: growing upward, putting out tendrils like cucumbers and clinging to the support they find, curling like vines. And shed aerial roots like the aforementioned banyan tree. The idea of the installation is based on the main strategy of the plants themselves - reproduction.
It is important to note that this installation does not have a finished form stage. It can be built up until it completely covers the entire space of the hall. And this symbolizes that human life, dependent on water, invariably multiplies all this abundance of plastic. Which is so beautiful if you look at its designs in counter-openwork, in a clean exhibition hall. And it is terrible in the form of hills in the suburbs of Nairobi or Mumbai, at the bottom of the sea or in the stomach of a turtle.

The project was curated by Naila Allahverdieva